Common Hand Injuries at Work

Do you use power tools at work every day for more than 15 minutes? You could be at risk of an arm injury at work.

Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a serious condition that, if left untreated, can lead to the amputation of fingers or your hand. Caused by vibration transfer to the hand and arm by the use of power tools or vibrating machinery, hand injuries at work can be a major cause for concern.

Vibration disrupts circulation in your hand and forearm, as well as damaging your nerves and tendons, joints, bones, and muscles in your fingers, hands, and arms. Signs and symptoms of HAVS include:

  • Pain in your hands and arms
  • Reduced muscle strength in these areas
  • Whitening of the fingers

So, if you’re regularly using tools such as jackhammers, drills, grinders, chainsaws, or impact wrenches – you and your employer should be aware of HAVS. Workers in particular industries like agriculture, construction, forestry and fishing, and transport and storage are at a higher risk of sustaining hand injuries at work.

What to do in case of hand, finger, and arm injuries at work?

Sustaining a finger injury at work may be small and seemingly insignificant to you, but it can develop into something more serious. Your arms and hands are your main tools to get you through life, lasting damage to them can impact your future. Hand and finger injuries in the workplace are more common than you may think, and a lot of them could’ve been preventable.

Your employer has a duty of care to keep you safe from such workplace injuries. In the case of arm and hand injuries at work caused by over-exposure to vibration, your employer should have reasonable training for you and effective operating systems already set in place to reduce your risk of developing HAVS.

If Richardson & Lyons lawyers can prove that your employer’s negligence to protect your safety caused your injury, then you may have a successful hand injury claim. It’s important to note that everyone’s circumstances are different, so you’re better off talking to our specialist personal injury lawyers first to determine whether your case may be worth pursuing.


Making a claim for hand, finger, and arm injury at work

We’ve put together some information about Hand & Arms Injury Compensation for you, but how do you go about making a hand injury claim?

Speaking to one of our expert workplace injury lawyers is a great place to start. We can gain a thorough understanding of your case to evaluate your entitlements to claim and give you an estimate of what level of compensation you can expect to receive.

Compensation for damages claims varies depending on your unique circumstances. You may receive hand injury compensation to cover all medical expenses and economic losses. In more serious cases, you may also receive compensation to provide for your future reduced working ability and modifications to your home.

Time limits do apply when pursuing a hand injury claim. Get in touch with our lawyers early on to have the best chance of receiving the level of compensation you deserve for hand and finger injuries in the workplace.


Richardson & Lyons are specialist personal injury lawyers in Queensland. We can help to assess your situation and provide legal advice on how to make a hand injury claim to successfully recover hand injury compensation for you.

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