Common Foot and Leg Injuries at Work

Had a leg injury at work? Find out what you can expect when making a claim for work-related foot and leg injuries. Richardson & Lyons lawyers are here to help you get the leg injury at work compensation that you deserve.

The most common type of foot and leg injury we deal with is often referred to as a broken leg. But, what does that mean? Different types of fracture include:

  • Compound fracture: On the more serious end of a broken leg, a compound fracture is the shattering of bone into many pieces. This type of leg injury at work is usually caused by a high-impact accident.
  • Stress fracture: A crack in the bone developed over time by repeated force, causing stress. This leg injury at work may be minor compared to a full break, but it can still cause you pain and affect your ability to work.
  • Displaced fracture: Two broken parts of bone must be moved back together in order to heal.
  • Other types of fracture we see are; avulsion, compression, and impacted fractures.


Knee and foot injuries at work are also eligible for damages claims, if we can prove that your workplace injury occurred due to negligence on the part of your employer.

All employers must provide a reasonable duty of care to prevent their workers from sustaining injuries. If your employer fails to properly train you or manage systems to reduce the risk of workplace injury, then you may be able to successfully pursue an injury at work claim.

What to do in case of foot and leg injuries at work?

In case of work related foot injuries, seek medical treatment immediately to receive a full diagnosis and aid your best chance at recovery. Leg injury compensation claims centre around the amount of long-term pain caused and the severity of the injury, resulting in disability. Pain varies dependent on the person and the kind of leg or foot injury sustained.

Written evidence of your injury at work is essential to your case, so be sure to notify your employer of your accident as soon as possible. Photographs of your work-related injury can also help you when making a claim.


Making a claim for foot and leg injuries at work

Our team of specialist personal injury lawyers are available to assist you throughout the workplace injury claims process, from beginning to end. We want to see you be awarded appropriate injury compensation to aid your recovery and return to work.

Compensation for damages claims is usually calculated based on the monetary difference between your expected life path before the injury, compared to afterwards. Therefore, losing a leg, for instance, would yield a higher level of compensation than a broken leg to reflect the permanent adjustment to your life.

To work out the level of Foot & Leg Injury Compensation you can expect to receive, talk to Richardson & Lyons lawyers today to discuss the circumstances of your injury. That way, we can make a full assessment of your unique situation to provide you with a more accurate idea of leg injury at work compensation.


Get in touch with Richardson & Lyons specialist personal injury lawyers to discuss your workplace injury. We can work with you to determine the circumstances of your case to successfully pursue a claim for leg injury at work compensation.

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