We handle all damages claims on a “No Win – No Fee” basis.
You pay nothing up front.
We pay all your case outlays.
We don’t get paid until after you do.

We handle all injury claims on a “No Win – No fee” basis, which means: –

  • you are not required to pay us anything up front to commence your claim;
  • we pay all of the outlays required for your claim – even if your case is unsuccessful;
  • we are not entitled to be paid anything unless you recover damages for your injuries.

No Win No Fee Lawyers, Brisbane

At Richardson & Lyons, our “no win -no fee” lawyers in Brisbane handle all personal injury claims on a no upfront fee basis. No matter your financial circumstances, we will be able to give you the best possible legal representation for your personal injury claim. We pay all of the outlays required for your claim, even if your claim is unsuccessful. Following an accident or injury, recovery can be stressful enough. Our personal injury lawyers are here to take the pain out of your claims process. Unless you recover damages for your injuries, you will not need to pay us anything – we are only paid if your personal injury claim is successful.

Our “No Win- No Fee” Guarantee

When seeking justice, you should never have to worry about whether you can afford proper legal representation. Should financial uncertainty arise as a result of your injury, know that our personal injury lawyers are on track to success for your “no win-no fee” accident claim. Our”no win-no fee” guarantee protects your financial situation as you seek legal advice for your personal injury claim. We guarantee payout within 24 hours for successful personal injury claims, offering you the best “no win-no fee”  lawyers services in Queensland. Our “no win-no fee” guarantee offers you peace of mind in the most difficult of times. 

“No Win-No Fee” personal injury claims

Before pursuing a case, we critically assess the circumstances surrounding your personal injury claim. This to ensure that we follow the course that is in your best interests. Our job is to find the best solution for your case whilst keeping your legal fees as low as possible.

How our “No Win- No Fee” Guarantee operates:

  • Applicable to all personal injury cases, to every client we take on
  • Not based upon financial assessment, all clients are covered
  • The guarantee applies regardless of your financial circumstances
  • No fee is charged unless your personal injury claim is successful
  • Cases are critically assessed to ensure which legal options suit your best interests.

Best “No Win-No Fee” Lawyers

Our “no win-no fee”  fee lawyers in Brisbane offer a free case review for all clients to discuss their personal injury. We provide initial advice on your situation and assess whether it would be in your best interest to take legal action. You can freely discuss your situation with our personal injury lawyers, who can advise you on relevant legislation and bodies (e.g. WorkCover). At Richardson and Lyons, we are personal injury experts who focus on accident and injury claims only, we do not take on cases outside this area of law. Based in Queensland, we are able to refer you onto other firms within our network to help you with all your legal needs.

“No Win-No Fee” FAQs

 “No win-no fee” lawyers operate on a case-by-case basis to offer free legal advice and representation for personal injury claims. Your lawyer only gets paid if your case is successful. Following a preliminary discussion to assess your situation, lawyers must be satisfied that your claim has merit and that pursuing legal action is in your best interest.

 “No win-no fee” lawyers charge fees at a competitive rate, rather than as a percentage of your compensation payout, to ensure that you receive the majority of your case settlement. Rates vary depending on the seniority of the lawyer assigned to your case. Fee caps place a limit on the percentage of your case settlement that firms can claim for their own costs. By Queensland law, no firm can claim more than 50% of your final compensation payout.

If your personal injury claim is unsuccessful, you do not pay any fee to your lawyer. As per the “no win-no fee” guarantee offer, you are only required to pay for legal representation and associated costs in the event that you recover damages from a successful case. A “no win-no fee”  accident claim for personal injury does incur the potential risk of paying the other party’s costs if your claim is unsuccessful, as is true of all litigation, but no client of  Richardson & Lyons has ever had to pay costs to an insurer since the firm started in 1991.