Brain Injury Lawyers in Brisbane

If you or your loved one have suffered an acquired brain injury (ABI), or traumatic brain injury (TBI) at the negligent act of another, it is important to discuss your rights with a brain injury lawyer who can help you obtain full and fair compensation. At Richardson & Lyons, we understand that the physical and emotional consequences of a brain injury can have severe and lasting impacts on the individual and their family. We operate on a no win, no fee basis – you do not have to pay us anything unless your claim is successful.

Compensation for Brain Injury

The injury lawyers at Richardson & Lyons are accredited specialists in brain injury law and will assess your eligibility to recover damages, which often come out much higher than if you accepted an initial lump sum payout offer. Your right to make a claim for serious injury compensation is influenced by the circumstances leading to injury. Compensation types include:

  • Lost income, including past and future wages
  • Lost superannuation on lost earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing rehabilitation expenses
  • Pain and suffering

Brain Injury Claims Process

Strict time frames apply to claiming damages for your serious injury. After seeking treatment and pain management, you should immediately consult an injury lawyer for an initial assessment and free legal advice. It’s a good idea to provide as much medical evidence as possible to aid your case once your brain injury claims process is underway, whether through an official record of the incident, a serious injury certificate from your medical professional, or from any other party that was notified (e.g. the police, your insurer, or your employer). If you are looking for a Queensland brain injury lawyer, our lawyers at Richardson & Lyons will ensure the relevant insurer can begin funding your rehabilitation as soon as possible.