The Most Common Causes of Injuries at Work

Let’s face it – accidents do happen. Personal injury can strike at any time, anywhere. Considering how much time we spend on the job these days, an injury at work is bound to happen. 

It’s good to know what the most common causes of injury at work are so that you can learn to avoid them. Find out how to make an injury at work claim and understand your rights to Injury Work Compensation

What are the most common causes of injury at work? 

An injury at work can mean many different outcomes, ranging from minor sprains to seriously debilitating accidents. Learning what to watch out for in case of injury at work can help you avoid an accident waiting to happen. Workplace injuries most commonly seen in the emergency department include:

  • Strains and sprains: If you’re lifting heavy objects in a warehouse, incorrect technique can lead to muscle strain and over-exertion causing injury at work. Make sure your team always practises correct lifting techniques.
  • Falls, trips and slips: Working at heights or in and around environments prone to spills and other tripping hazards can cause falls, trips and slips. Avert a crisis by removing hazards in your way.
  • Fractures: More serious trips and falls can leave you with broken bones. Fractures can be easily avoided by removing tripping hazards and wearing correct PPE equipment. 
  • Wounds and lacerations: Working in a kitchen or on a building site? Keep your flesh protected with appropriate clothing and always operate equipment safely. 
  • Mental health conditions: Workplace bullying and overwork can cause serious and lasting injury at work. Promoting a positive work environment focusing on regular breaks and catch-ups boosts team morale and minimises stress. 

What to do in case of a work injury? 

In case of injury at work, it’s important to seek appropriate medical attention first and foremost. Reporting the incident to your employer is also necessary. As you recover, consider making an injury at work claim. 

Whether your workplace injury occurred while on a break or during travel to/from your place of work, you may still be entitled to work injury compensation. If working caused you to sustain an injury or aggravated a pre-existing condition, you may also be able to claim. 

Unfair dismissal due to workplace injury should be considered when making a claim for injury at work. With the help of Richardson & Lyons’ specialist workplace injury lawyers, we can get you reinstated to your former position in the event of dismissal. Provided you receive a doctor’s certificate proving you to be medically fit for employment, you may return to work. 

If you are unable to return to your former employment anytime soon or ever again, then the workers compensation insurer should be able to assist you in finding alternative work.

Making a claim for injury at work? 

You’re entitled to make an injury at work claim in Queensland if you’re injured at work, or as a result of your employment, or if employment is a significant contributing factor to your injury. 

The sooner you start the injury at work claim process, the sooner you may receive medical treatment for your workplace injury funded by the workers compensation insurer. Covered medical costs enable you to bypass the public health system to get you back to work faster.


If you’re considering making an injury at work claim, it’s best to get in contact with our lawyers as soon as possible. Time limits do apply to injury at work claims, act quickly to ensure your best chances of receiving work injury compensation.