Psychological Injury Compensation Lawyers in Brisbane

Richardson & Lyons are expert personal injury lawyers in Brisbane, Queensland. If you have been affected by psychological or emotional-related injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. As your lawyers, we will assist you through the process of obtaining a pay-out so you can focus on your recovery.

Psychological injury claims in Queensland can be subject to strict statutory limitations, sometimes as short as six months after you initially consult a medical professional about your injury. This means it is important you contact us now so we can assess your claim and start the legal process to achieve a pay-out.

Our fees work on a “no win, no fee” basis: we meet all your ongoing costs while we work on your case and you only pay us if your claim is successful. If your claim if unsuccessful then you pay nothing.

Can I get workers’ compensation for psychological injury?

If an event at work caused your psychological injury, then you may have a claim for workers’ compensation. In order to be successful, the event must have arisen out of unreasonable practice from your employer. Our lawyers are employment experts and can establish whether what your employer did would likely constitute unreasonable behaviour.

How much can I sue for emotional distress?

The amount you awarded aims, where possible, to put you back in the position you would’ve been in had you not been injured. This varies from case to case. Queensland statute may also limit the maximum amount of compensation possible.

The severity of the injury is very relevant. The more severe the injury you have suffered, particularly if documented with medical evidence, the more likely you are to be awarded a higher pay-out. Other relevant factors include the duration of the injury and other physical symptoms or manifestations of the condition. Our proficient team can help establish what range of damages are likely for the degree of injury you are suffering.

Psychological and Stress-Related Damage

Psychological injury can arise from various incidents in the workplace, such as: 

  • Witnessing a violent or traumatic event
  • Being bullied by a boss or co-worker
  • Being harassed or stalked by a boss or co-worker
  • Having to work dangerously long hours.

Psychological injury may be a specific psychiatric condition such as depression or anxiety, or it may not fit into a specific condition. Emotional injuries are subjective to each individual, so it is important you document how the incident has affected you and how you feel, for example on your phone or in a diary. Seeing a doctor or psychiatrist may also help identify whether you are suffering a diagnosable mental condition and provides useful evidence for your claim.

Compensation for Psychological Damage

Statutory compensation for you emotional and psychological suffering would aim to cover:

  • The cost of any therapy or rehabilitation to help you recover
  • Travel costs associated with therapy and rehabilitation
  • The cost of any prescribed medicine
  • If your ability to work was reduced or completely inhibited, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) payments from your Super fund.

You may also be able to sue your employer if they were negligent in their duty to take reasonable care. We will help you pursue this claim if we think there is a viable case. A common law claim is submitted to WorkCover Queensland, who will offer you a lump sum payment if they accept liability on behalf of the employer. Our lawyers are experts in workers’ compensation and will advise you on whether to accept the lump sum or reject it and aim for higher damages in court.

Our team are experts in psychological injury and emotional stress. We can help you achieve the best pay-out possible for the injury you are suffering and enable you to recover faster.