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Anyone injured at work in Queensland is eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits from WorkCover. It’s your employer’s responsibility. Labour Hire workers have exactly the same rights as employees.

We are rated as Queensland’s Best WorkCover Law Firm.

Anyone who suffers an injury at work in Queensland is eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits from WorkCover.

Your employer is legally responsible for things done or not done by your co-workers. Labour hire workers have exactly the same rights as employees, so if you have been injured whilst on a labour hire contract you should seek legal advice immediately.

Lump sum offers

If you have been receiving benefits from WorkCover for a work injury, WorkCover will probably try to finalise your claim with a lump sum offer.

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Lump Sum Offers


Know Your Rights. Know Your Options

At Richardson & Lyons, our Brisbane WorkCover lawyers specialise in compensation payouts for employees and labour hire workers. If you’ve been injured at work or while travelling for your work, you’re eligible to receive compensation from WorkCover Queensland.

We have always been a leader in WorkCover claims and it shows. In 2016, we ranked as the top WorkCover claims law firm and WorkCover solicitor in Queensland. Also, for several years our team member Tim Galligan has consistently been ranked ranked as one of the leading WorkCover lawyers in Queensland, and also as one of the best in Australia.

Our team are specialists in personal injury law and WorkCover claims. Our personal injury lawyers also offer a ‘no win, no fee’ guarantee. This means you don’t need to pay for legal services if we don’t win your case. Any person contacting us for advice about a personal injuries claim is given free advice and a free assessment of their rights and options – with no strings attached.

Our aim is to ensure that you receive the full WorkCover settlement you are entitled to, so you can be properly compensated and able to continue with your life as soon as possible after your workplace injury.

Understanding WorkCover Claims

Claiming compensation for injuries in the workplace can be a complicated process, especially when you’re sick or injured. The personal injury lawyers at Richardson & Lyons can help you access compensation and rehabilitation payouts through WorkCover Queensland, the government insurer for most workers in Queensland. Our WorkCover lawyers in Brisbane are here to help with anything related to WorkCover payouts and WorkCover compensation payouts.

If you have been injured during the course of your employment, you will be entitled to apply for a WorkCover payout – regardless of who was at fault. Anyone injured at work in Queensland is eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits from WorkCover.

Richardson & Lyons is committed to being Queensland’s leading WorkCover injury law firm. We understand that becoming injured can be a stressful time, and we’re here to help you get through it. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a lawyer who can offer you individualised advice and get your claim started. Talk to us to find out about how we can help you access WorkCover compensation payouts, QLD.

Your WorkCover Entitlements

In Queensland, if you are an employer or labour hire worker who was injured on the job, you have the right to apply for a WorkCover claim. Our Queensland WorkCover lawyers based in Brisbane are experts in how WorkCover works in Queensland. We understand that work-related accidents can permanently impact employees and the lives of their families. Accidents can lead to serious and expensive injuries – particularly to areas such as the knees, shoulders, hips, back and neck. A WorkCover claim can cover a substantial portion of:

  • adequate compensation for your lost wages,
  • costs for medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses,
  • all other ‘reasonable’ expenses, such as personal and household services, ambulance services, doctors, chemists, physiotherapy and chiropractic bills, and transport costs.

Work-Related Injuries Covered by WorkCover

Our WorkCover lawyers will assist you in your settlement, so you are adequately compensated for your loss. We will also investigate other areas of damage, such as past and future loss of income, loss of superannuation benefits, past and future medical or pharmaceutical expenses, care and assistance required, and pain and suffering as a result of the accident.

Work-related injuries can include:

  • construction site injuries
  • lifting injuries
  • office-related injuries
  • fly in-fly out (FIFO) job injuries
  • muscular injuries
  • psychological trauma, e.g. extreme stress or PTSD brought on by work events
  • worsening of pre-existing conditions
  • farm injuries.

Get in touch with Richardson & Lyons today to find out about WorkCover payouts for back injuries, WorkCover payouts for shoulder injuries, WorkCover payouts for PTDS, WorkCover pain and suffering payouts, and many more types of work injury.

How to Make a WorkCover Claim

If you’ve been injured at work, you should speak to a WorkCover lawyer as soon as possible in order to make a claim through WorkCover Queensland. When seeking medical treatment, you should communicate that the injury was sustained at work and caused by work. You should also report the accident and injury to your employer. This claim will cover a substantial portion of your medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses, leaving you to focus on recovering and looking after your family.

In the unfortunate case you are unable to recover and return to work, WorkCover will assess your level of permanent impairment, and offer you a lump sum offer of compensation. Accepting the lump sum offer is equivalent to closing off your claim – benefits and the payout of medical expenses will cease. Speak to a specialised WorkCover lawyer in Queensland before making the decision to accept or reject the lump sum offer.

What to do:

  • seek medical treatment and be sure to report that your injury was caused by work,
  • get in touch with a WorkCover expert to make a claim through WorkCover Queensland,
  • report your accident and injury to your employer,
  • accept lump sum offer, or reject the lump sum and choose to claim damages for your injuries.

WorkCover Claim FAQs

The WorkCover settlement will depend on your level of impairment, the date of injury, and the law that covers your workers’ compensation. You may receive a percentage of your weekly earnings, along with payment for all reasonable medical and associated expenses. You can also claim a lump sum in situations where the injury has caused permanent impairment. Our WorkCover lawyers can help you assess your claim, based on the details of your injury.

It doesn’t cost anything to know where you stand. WorkCover insurance covers employers for the cost of benefits if employees are injured or become ill because of their work. Our personal injury lawyers also offer a ‘no win, no fee’ guarantee for these cases, which means you don’t have to pay for legal services if we don’t win.

WorkCover injury payouts may cover replacement of lost income, medical and rehabilitation treatment costs, psychological as well as physical injury, legal costs, pain and suffering as a result of the accident and lump sum compensation in the event of serious injury.

If you’ve sustained a psychological injury due to workplace harassment, and your employment is a significant contributing factor to the injury, you may be eligible for WorkCover compensation. Richardson & Lyons will assist you in framing your claim the best possible way. However, any claim for psychological injury will likely not be accepted if it was caused by reasonable administrative action, such as dismissal, performance appraisal, or deployment.