If you have been injured in a public place you may be entitled to damages payment.
You may be able to claim for current and future medical treatment, and for lost wages.

If you have been injured as a result of a fall or other way you might be entitled to damages for your injuries.
The most common types of public liability claims involve injuries sustained at shopping centres, private homes, on public paths or at a pub or club.

If you have suffered an injury in a public place caused by fault on the part of someone else, you may be able to recover damages for those injuries.

Strict time limits apply, so it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible after you have suffered your injuries.

The personal injury lawyers at Richardson & Lyons have over 25 years of experience in handling public liability claims. Our advice is free and comes with no strings attached. It will won’t cost you to talk to us about your injuries even if you don’t have a claim or decide not to proceed.


Public liability lawyers ensure you have the right to be safe in public spaces. On private and public property, there is a duty of care to protect your safety. In the event of an accident, you may seek compensation through a public liability claim.

What Are Public Liability Claims?

A public liability claim is made after an incident occurs on a property for which someone else may be held responsible. In private or in public, public liability law protects you in a wide range of circumstances when an injury takes place due to the action or inaction of anyone involved. There is a duty of care in place to ensure the safety of all those who enter a property. If an accident occurs on the property, both private and publicly-held spaces are liable for damages. Compensation is sought when the legal obligation to provide a duty of care to others fails. Any cause or contributor to your accident can be held responsible, according to public liability law. If you can demonstrate that a serious injury occurred due to a lack of safety, you may claim compensation through the public liability claims process.

How to Make a Public Liability Claim

Our public liability lawyers at Richardson & Lyons can offer support throughout the public liability claims process. Based in Brisbane, we are specialist solicitors when it comes to personal injury law in Queensland. There is a limited timeframe immediately following your accident to lodge a public liability claim. When you contact us, you can only seek compensation for a public liability claim once.

To receive legal advice that properly identifies what public liability payouts you may be entitled to, make sure to gather evidence of your accident. To support your public liability claim, you should:

  • Photograph your injury and the location where it took place, if you are able to do so
  • See a doctor and ensure they keep a record of your injury
  • Keep dated receipts of expenses related to your injury, including lost wages and ongoing medical appointments.

The Public Liability Claims Process

Public liability claim compensation is usually made against the property owner’s public liability insurance. The public liability claims process is supported by our No win, no fee guarantee.

To be successful in making your public liability claim and receiving compensation, it is important to prove through your evidence that:

  • There was a duty of care in place
  • This duty of care failed to provide safety for you
  • An injury due to this lack of care could be foreseen.

Public Liability Lawyers in Brisbane

Richardson & Lyons are experts in personal injury law. We help people who have suffered injuries at work, in a motor vehicle accident, or in a public or private venue, to recover the full compensation and damages payouts they are entitled to. Our public liability claims experts can assist you during the claims process to seek compensation and ensure claim payouts.

Public Liability FAQs

A public liability claim is made when an individual sustains an injury caused by a lack of safety on a public or private property. Owners are responsible for providing a duty of care to anyone who enters their property and must offer compensation in the event of an accident.

The claims process for public liability compensation involves using physical evidence gained from the accident to prove that a duty of care was required by the property owner, upon which they failed to deliver. It must also be proven that an accident could have been predicted.

To ensure a payout, public liability claims must begin their process as soon after the accident as possible. Compensation can only be claimed once and the length of the process may vary according to the extent of the injury, available evidence and payout amounts.