Lump Sum Offers

If you are injured at work, WorkCover Qld will seek to finalise your WorkCover claim by offering you a lump sum offer. Whether you accept or reject this lump sum offer, your WorkCover claim will be taken to have been finalised 4 weeks (20 business days) after you receive their offer. Once the claim has been finalised, you will never be entitled to recover further benefits (of any kind), from WorkCover in relation to your injuries, even if you need time off work or further treatment in the future.

If you decide to accept WorkCover’s lump sum offer, that decision is final and you will not be entitled to claim damages for your injuries unless WorkCover has assessed your impairment at 20% or higher.

Get legal advice before accepting or rejecting the offer.

Often, on the basis of a Doctor’s assessment, WorkCover will determine that you have been left with no permanent impairment (an impairment rating of 0%). You may still be entitled to recover damages even if WorkCover has made you an offer of $0.

If this has happened to you, you should still seek advice from us about your entitlements.

Know your rights and be aware of your options.

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