You may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries instead of accepting a WorkCover lump sum offer.
A damages payout will usually be far higher than the lump sum offer.
Get legal advice immediately about a damages claim before accepting a lump sum offer.

If you are claiming damages for a work injury, you can claim for:

  • pain and suffering;
  • lost wages or overtime not paid by WorkCover during your WorkCover claim, plus interest;
  • future loss of wages, if there is a chance your injuries might affect your future earnings;
  • any treatment expenses not paid for by WorkCover;
  • the cost of any future treatment or medication.

We will tell you if you have a damages claim and give you an estimate of what your damages claim is worth – free of charge.

You may still be able to claim damages even if WorkCover has:

  • rejected your claim;
  • closed your claim without making an offer; or
  • assessed your impairment at 0%.

If you have a question about WorkCover, we will know the answer, but don’t wait too long as you only have 3 years to start your damages claim.